Travelling in India: Some General Guidelines for Foreign Tourists

Travelling in India: Some General Guidelines for Foreign Tourists

Traveling to a new country can be quite confusing. You may not know what to take with you, how to travel within that country or how to interact with the people there. If you are one such confused soul, you have come to the very right place. India is very diverse and very unique so what you need is a guide just like this one!

Make Sure You Have Cash

sufficiant cash for travel in India
sufficient cash for travel in India

Cash is the most widely used method of payment in India. So the moment you reach here to make sure to get hold of some local currency called Rupee to make all your purchases easier. Even though most big stores here accept Credit Cards, they won’t be accepted in smaller stores. There is also a chance that International Credit Cards at times won’t work so save yourself from the trouble. If you plan to travel a lot by public transport like autorickshaws, trains or buses, cash is the best way to pay for the tickets or to pay for anything you would want to buy on the way.

Get a Local Sim Card

The smartest thing that you could probably do once you reach India is getting a local sim card with an enabled internet connection. India is well connected to the internet so, no matter where you go within the country you will be able to access Maps to get your route right or search for any information that you might need on the way. To get a sim card as a foreigner you will need your passport. The cost of getting a sim card, however, is not very high.  All you need to do is to choose a plan according to the number of days you’ll be in India.

You can Buy Sim card from a local mobile store in Indian city’s and the mobile operator companies like Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, and others.

Get Yourself the Right Adapter

Indian adapter for charging
Indian adapter for charging

The lightening sockets in India are quite different from those in other countries. In India, you’ll find a 230 V  power supply. The socket will be accepting of 3- or 2-pin rounded pin plugs. So make sure that to bring the right adapter with you!

Book Your Train Tickets in Advance

book your railway tickets
book your railway tickets

If you plan to travel to different places in India and if you plan to do so by train, get your tickets as early as possible. The Indian Railway can get quite crowded and busy so the availability of tickets in the last minute cannot be guaranteed. Also, booking tickets at the very last moment can get quite tricky, so avoid all that confusion while you still can!

You can book tickets on this site Indian railway

Get Around in Crowded Cities Easily

Travel Indian citys
Travel Indian citys

Most major cities in India have their own bus and urban train systems that run throughout the day. There are several apps that will provide you with detailed route maps and schedules and downloading such apps will help you get around easily.

Get Your Own Toilet Paper

Yes, this does sound silly but it definitely is something worth considering. The absence of toilet paper in most public restrooms may come as a shock to you, so you have been warned! Indians believe in washing themselves everytime they use the restroom, so if you are not used to that or aren’t ready to venture down that road yet, get your own toilet paper. This will make things a lot easier and comfortable for you!

Beware of Scams and Theft

Yet, it is unfortunate but very much a reality, you will see that a large section of India lives in luxury but an even larger section lives in utmost poverty. People try to make use of all opportunities to earn money and feed their families and because of this scams are very prevalent in the country. Beware of who you are giving your money to and deal with cab drivers, agents and unlicensed tour guides with caution. It is also safer to stay in hotels that are well reputed rather than in local lodges.

Theft is also something very prevalent in the country, so, make sure that you have all your valuables with you at all times. Avoid placing your money or your phone in your pockets. Make sure that the bag you carry around has a zipper that is secure and would require effort to be opened.

A bit of caution and care and your journey to India can be the best one in your life. Come with an open mind and return with a changed soul!

Well, plan your next trip in Indian and enjoy Indian heritage sites, historical places, Indian temples, wildlife areas and much more. Also, India is waiting for you! see you there.

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