Solo Travel or Group Travel – Which One is Right for You?


When it comes to planning a trip, whether to go solo or in a group is probably the toughest decision to make, especially if you’re travelling for the first time. But if you’re confused and looking for guidance to help you make the right decision, then you’ve come to the right place.

 First, let’s make one thing crystal-clear that there is nothing wrong with either solo travel or group travel. The decision to travel whether solo or in a group completely depends on your preference.

 Do you often prefer to be left alone, or do you prefer to do things with friends or family?


 If you’ve never travelled before, and if you’re absolutely uncertain to whether solo travel or group travel is the way to go, then read the benefits of both, solo and group travel to get an idea on what to expect from both.

Solo Travel Benefits

Your Time is Your Own: 

Everyone likes to have complete charge over their time. But there is always a teacher, a boss, a parent, or a friend who takes away the time available to you. Now imagine the same thing happen even when you’re on vacation.

 If you’re someone who definitely wouldn’t want that, then solo travel should be your preference. The best thing about solo travel is, you can spend your time exactly as you please. Plus, being all by yourself forces you and teaches you to make better decisions for yourself.


It is Pocket-Friendly:

Travelling can get expensive quickly in-between hotels and meals. But when you travel alone, you are the who who decides where to stay and where & what to eat. This, in turn, will definitely help you save money for other things to try at a particular destination.

Personal Growth:

This is the best benefit of solo travel. You gain invaluable skills, become more confident, and stronger. How? – Being all alone on a trip increases the ability to cope up with challenges and improves your organizational skills, resulting in a much more confidence.

You Get to Know Yourself More:

In today’s fast-paced world, we rarely get time to learn a little bit more about ourselves. But when you travel alone, you reflect on who you are and who you want to be. For example, you could return from Bali and realize that you hate your corporate job or that you don’t have to be in an unhealthy relationship just not to hurt your partner’s feelings.


 The point is, if you don’t ever experience the solitude of solo travel, then you might never be able to make such realizations.

You’ll Learn to Blend-In Well with Others:

If you went on a trip with your friends or family, you probably wouldn’t approach strangers every now and then. But if you were all on your own, you would definitely find yourself chatting with people here and there.

Furthermore, when travelling in a group, a lot of locals as well as other travellers assume that since you’re already in a group, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed. But solo travel makes you more approachable. Plus, your social skills ehances as you meet more and more people.

 Group Travel Benefits


Everything is Taken Care for You:

With a group tour, you don’t have to worry about booking hotels or fights or anything. You just pay the money, sit back, and enjoy the trip. There is always a Tour Director who takes care of every particulars. Plus, if any problem arises, someone knowledgeable will always be there to sort things out and get things back on track.


You Can Do Things That You Couldn’t Do on Your Own:

Whether it’s about getting an exclusive access to a museum or waiting in line to buy tickets of a famous show, travelling in a group tour will help you save time by pre-booking and pre-planning all the particulars. Plus, you’ll also get to see some must see places of your destination, that you had no idea about before.


By travelling in a group, you won’t have to worry much about your personal safety. Though this does not mean that they’ll keep an eye on you all the time, but you’ll at least have the reassurance that the tour director has got your back if anything goes wrong during your trip.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

While travelling solo also gets you out of your comfort zone in a way, but travelling in a group can also push you to try things that you would have never done on your own.


 There is nothing like peer pressure that gets a person out of his comfort zone. It forces you to be braver, to discover great experiences such as climbing up Mountain Fuji or scuba diving or jumping off a cliff.

More Fun & Enjoyment:

Travelling in a group can improve the joy of travel greatly. For example, when travelling solo, you might not try some exotic foods or visit some riskier places. But having someone of many companions with you can enhance your joy and you would automatically become more inclined to experience certain things that you wouldn’t have if you were alone.


Alone or In a Group… Just Go! Travel.

Take your time planning the trip, consider all possible options, and most importantly, weigh all these benefits of both solo & group travel to see which things are more important to you.

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