Smartest Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Traveler

Smartest Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Traveler

Every year, millions of people travel around the world. In this way, meet new people, know more about different cultures, taste delicious foods, and perform different activities. When you are on travel, a lot of things are needed to be kept in mind to avoid unforeseen situations. Even the most experienced travelers can face unpleasant circumstances and put their lives in danger. Therefore, you must follow some basic rules and regulations to avoid possible risks in your traveling and be a better traveler.

1) Start with Some Easier Locations


Good Places for Travel Places that are dangerous for Travel
Copenhagen, Denmark Colombia
The Bahamas Ethiopia
New Orleans, Louisiana Mali
Fiji North Korea
Archipelago Sea, Finland Honduras
India Venezuela
Šolta, Croatia South Africa
Chile Bangladesh
South Korea Pakistan
Portugal Afghanistan
New Zealand Nicaragua
Italy Israel
Australia Brazil
France Mexico

Some places are easier to travel to than others as shown in the chart. So, if you planning your first trip out of the country, consider choosing good countries and places that are travel-friendly. Don’t go to countries that have poor human records, are submerged in an endless cycle of violence and terrorism and are ruled by dictators.

2) Take Care of Your Mobile and Internet Connection

While traveling abroad, you can buy a local SIM-card and use cheap communication and mobile Internet provided by the telecom companies of that company. Don’t use your native country mobile numbers for calling and browsing the internet as international roaming comes at a big price. You can also use Free Wi-Fi provided at public places while traveling in a foreign country. This will help you to save some bucks.

3) Lightweight Suitcase

Buy a lightweight suitcase or a backpack. Some people prefer bag on wheels, but they are cumbersome and cause a lot of problems. Keep good budget travel notebooks, portable USB charging, and headphones with noise reduction function in bags for use. Keep only necessary items in your bag so that you can travel easily.

4) Get an Insurance Policy

When you go to a foreign country, ask your travel agent to ensure your tour. It helps you to cover the cost of medical expenses, accidents, damages you suffer when you are on a trip to a foreign country. Without this, you will have to spend a lot of money if you fall ill, meet with an accident or face other types of misshapenness.

5) Install Google Translator or use a Bilingual

English is spoken internationally. However, there are many countries where English is not widely spoken, such as China, Russia, France, Germany, etc. So, you should hire a local bilingual person who knows English and her/her native language to make your traveling easier. Alternatively, Install Google translator on your mobile phone to translate your sayings in the local language and make people understand your feelings. It would be better for you to learn some basic terms of the local language of the country you are visiting.

6) Beware of Thugs and Criminals

In travel, robbers and thugs do not come across as often as many thinks, but they do exist. So, do not simplify their lives by showing off money, expensive goods, and valuables. Do not leave the bag on the table in the café full of cash and necessary travel documents. Remove the backpack from the back when riding in a crowded car for safety purpose. Take the help of the local police if you are trapped by thugs and criminals.

7) Eating Habits

When you travel abroad, you become a calorie burner. Do not hesitate to properly fill your stomach during the trip and do not worry about such trifles as sugar or fats. Even if you absorb a monstrous amount of food, you will still have all the chances to return home significantly thinner.

8) Take Care of Your Passport & Visa

Your passport and visa are the two most important things without which you can’t think of travelling abroad. To go a foreign country, you should have a valid passport and visa. There are many countries that provide visa on arrival. Gather more info about that and take a solid decision accordingly. Never use a fake passport for travelling a foreign country as you may be detained by the law enforcement agencies of that country. Always keep a Xerox copy of your passport and visa so that you can easily get it issued once again if you lose these documents by mistake or because of an unfortunate accident.

Final Words

When you are a foreign tour, you need to take care of several things to make your traveling pleasant and happy. Just follow the above-mentioned tips while traveling abroad and be a good traveler.

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