Rann Utsav 2018-2019 – What You Should Know Before You Go Kutch(rann Utsav)

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When Does The Rann Utsav 2019 Start?

The Famous Rann Utsav is starting from 1 of November 2019. Kutch is Inviting you for the celebration of colors, cultures, and expressions.

There is a popular phrase which goes like this: “Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha!”. That means: “If you haven’t seen Kutch, then you haven’t seen anything.”

When runn utsav start
When rann utsav start

Though the phrase sounds much catchier in Hindi, but the point is, Once you experience the breathtaking beauty with miles of white salt flats as far as your eye can see, You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Kutch is basically known as the most diverse district of Gujarat. It is blessed with the grasslands, the seashore, and the desert! The trio is, without any doubt, very beautiful and peaceful. Although, the desert, which is also known as Rann of Kutch, is something very unique. And every year, India’s most unique cultural festival – Rann Utsav – is celebrated in Rann of Kutch.

Rann Utsav is a celebration of Gujarat’s most rich cultural heritage where local handicraft arts such as terracotta, wood carving, embroidery, etc. are displayed. The kutchi folk songs and dance are performed. There are also a variety of activities hosted such as horse rides, camel safaris, hot air balloon rides, and bird watching.

The good news is, the official dates of Rann Utsav 2018-19 is finally announced. The India’s most unique festival will begin from 1st November 2018 to 20th February 2019. Organized by the Department of Tourism of Gujarat, Rann Utsav is the best vacation spot that everyone must visit once in their lifetimes.

What You Need to Know Before Going to Rann Utsav 2019

The Rann of Kutch is a popular and one of the largest salt deserts in the world. And if you’re thinking what could you possibly do in the middle of a white desert, you will be amazed to know what Rann Utsav has got you covered.

Every winter, this festival of Kutch (a.k.a Rann Utsav) celebrates the magnificence of life which is most unique, spectacular and one of its kind. In fact, the festival so much more grand than you think. Basically, the entire festival is put up at the tent city, starting from Bhuj, where there are more than 4000 AC & Non-AC tents. And this tent city is located near a small village named Dhordo, which is near to Bhuj airport.

Runn utsav 2019

Overall, the Tourism Department of Gujarat offers a unique experience and spectacular memories to cherish in lifetime.

Enjoying The Famous Festival Rann Utsav 2019

Gujarat’s Rann of Kutch, deep in western part of India, is a magnificent white desert spread over thousands of miles. The Rann of Kutch is basically a true marvel & natural splendor in itself.

Every year, Rann Utsav, a unique cultural festival is celebrated for three straight months organized at the edge of white Rann. Rann Utsav is one of the most precious festivals of India, where many cultural activities are hosted. It begins from November and lasts till February, every year.

Enjoying famous runn utsav 2019
Enjoying famous rann utsav 2019

The entire festival is held in the Dhordo village, only 85 KMs away from Bhuj. And the main attractions of the Rann Utsav festival are cultural performances of local artists, music carnivals, camel safari, and Adventure sports such as DPV rides, paragliding, and so on.

Rann Utsav 2019 Tour packages

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What Does Rann Utsav Offers? – Let’s Dig Deep in Details!

The mesmerizing Rann of Kutch is simply the biggest desert of endless white sand. This entire land stays covered in water till 2 months before the end of year. And when the winter officially arrives, the Rann of Kutch gets infused with life. But that’s enough brief about Rann of Kutch. now let’s dig deep in knowing what exactly the Rann Utsav festival offers.

Things to do in runn utsav
Things to do in rann utsav

#1 – Let’s Start With Shopping!

The market during the Rann Utsav festival will make your head go dizzy, for sure! It is mainly because there is plenty of Kutchi handicraft arts all around such stunning block-printed fabrics, spectacular silverware, and very uniquely crafted ornaments. So, buy all you can!

#2 – Oh, And Don’t Forget The Febulous Kutchi Food!

Rann Utsav is best place for foodies. But surprisingly, the non-foodie people also gets proned to doing the same thing as foodies does, which is jumping on the food as soon as you get there.

That’s right! There are two enormous dining halls that serves authentic Kutchi food varieties. And the best thing is, you can enjoy the delicious Kutchi food at all hours.

#3 – Adventure? Count Me In!

There is an adventure zone as well in the Rann Utsav festival where you can arrange a solo or couple ride on a DPV (a.k.a – Desert Petrol Vehicle). It’s almost like riding a snazzy bike, only the experience is much better and exhilarating.

#4 – Spend Your Evening Enjoying Splendid Cultural Performances

The evening time at Rann Utsav, get yourself soaked into their culture. I promise you will carry the memories of brilliant performances from the local artists. The dances especially defines the word – dazzling – perfectly. So, if you haven’t seen those cultural performances, you really don’t know what dazzling means exactly!

#5 – Lastly, End Your Day with Beautiful Sightseeing

Things to do in runn utsav 2019
Things to do in rann utsav 2019

While the adventure, the cultural performance, and the handicrafts do symbolize the spirit of Kutch. But there is much more to Rann Utsav festival besides them. So, after enjoying the cultural performances by local artists, you must experience camel safari. And if you want to witness the real beauty of Kutch (besides Rann of Kutch), do not miss to visit Kala Dungar. It is a place that must not be missed out.

How to Book tickets of Rann Utsav 2019

You can book your runn Utsav 2019 online tickets on official website on Rann Utsav

Final Thoughts…

If you’ve already made plans to visit Rann Utsav this year, make sure you spend at least one night outside your tent. The full moon…(especially at night), there are no words to describe it. But the best possible description would be that no artist, camera, or nothing can reproduce a moon-washed Rann of Kutch at night.

On this winter come to Rann Utsav, Come to Gujarat.

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