How to Rent a car in India – Must read before rent car in India

How to Rent a car in India

When you Travel in India sometimes more convenient to use a rented car. Also, a Rental car is easy to move one place to another place. So its help and make your trip easier. Well, here we tell you about how to rent a car and what you know about before a rented car in India.

Determine the place

Rent a car in India is two option one is online booking and another is contacting the rental dealership ahead of time. But if you are rental car before few days then you can get a better car model. If you are a book a Car in the airport, it’s so expensive so I recommended you can take a Car from the city area.

How to Rent a car in India

Select rental Car company

In India, there are many companies but personally, I recommended for Rental car Zoomcar Because it’s all over India and When I need a rental car I am booking a car with this company. But if you have other choices to book a Rental car in India.

Understand the type of car in India

First, you can calculate how many travelers with you and how many seters car you need and then take a decision which car you have rent. If you take the car with zoom car then zoom car provide HATCHBACK, SEDAN, SUV and LUXURY car.

This company proved Ford aspire, Hyundai Verna Sidan, Ford Figo, Mahindra kuv, Maruti Swift, Mercedes GLA, TATA HEXA and much more car you have like.

Read the lease agreement

The lease contract is usually written in an English it is better to clarify all the features of rent and return of the car in order to avoid sanctions and unexpected expenses. Also must know the hours to return your car and accident policy in India. Also, you can give your driving license information and Licence number to your car rental company. And if the accident happens on the road then don’t panic and inform your car rental company employee. So when you rent a car you must take a Company emergency number.

How to Rent a car in India
How to Rent a car in India

Be careful on the road and enjoying Travel in India

Note the differences in the rules and signs of the road and read Indian road Signs. Do not ignore traffic rules in India otherwise, you can pay a penalty. In case of an accident first, call Indian 108 ambulance services if anyone has an injury and then call your car rental company.

Be safe and enjoy your trip in India.



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  1. Rent a car is one of the big problems in India when you first time travels in India. doesn’t traveler know how to rent a car? But this blog helps us to rent a car in India.

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