Rani ki vav – The Famous stepwell in Patan Gujarat

rani ki vav paran Gujarat

Rani ki Vav is one of the oldest stepwells who located in Patan, Gujarat state. Rani ki vav was built as a memorial to an 11th-century by king Bhima. Also, Rani ki Vav is also known as a Queen’s Step-well’. Rani ki Vav is listed in UNESCO world heritage sites in India on 22 June 2014. Before a few years back, Indian stepwells are water resource and storage systems on the Indian subcontinent. Rani ki vav was built in Maru-Gurjara architecture style. On October 2016, Rani ki vav gets a bagged the title of “Cleanest Iconic Place” in India at the Indian Sanitation Conference.

How to reach Rani Ki Vav

Rani ki Vav is located in Gujarat state and you can reach via three option by road, by air, or By train. Rani ki Vav is 128 KM away from Ahmedabad city and Ahmedabad is the nearest metro city of Rani Ki Vav. BY road you can take Ahmedabad Patan Highway and reach this place. By train, you can get a train from Ahmedabad railway station and reach Patan Railway station. Also, you can reach Patan by air. you can take a flight to Ahmedabad and then take a cab and reach Patan.

how to reach rani ki vav
how to reach rani ki vav

What you know before you go to Rani Ki Vav

Rani ki Vav is approximately 64 m long, 20 m wide & 27 m deep. Rani ki vav had seven storeys which only five exist today. Also, all these storeys carefully preserved. When you see Rani ki Vav very carefully then you realize that this work is very delicate work that depicts beauty. In Rani ki vav there are many sculptures exist like Lord Vishnu,  Apsara, and other stone.

In Rani ki vav there are lots of sculptures are exist and all this are looks very delicate.

Rani-ki-Vav Featured in New Rs 100 Notes

After demonetization in India, The Reserve Bank of India announced new currency notes of 2000 RS, 500 RS 100, 50 RS and 10 RS notes. All these notes have design series. The new note is slightly smaller than the existing 100 Rs notes. On new 100 Rs notes in front of Gandhi’s image placement remains the same. But in the rear image is the latest variant features Gujarat’s ‘Rani Ki Vav’ (queen’s stepwell) along with the Swachh Bharat logo. The 100 RS note color is lavender.  RBI said the size of the 100 RS note is 66 mm x 142 mm.

Rs100 note rani ki vav

Rani ki Vav is the best place for one day trip in Gujarat. So. plan a trip to Rani ki Vav. Come to Patan Come to Gujarat.

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