15 Best Places to Visit in Saputara for One or Two Day Picnic

places to visit in saputara

Saputara is a wonderful place for the nature admirers and the tourists. It is the way of a little hill station that is settled at the Shayadri range and this stands at the Dang district of Gujarat. Saputara is not a widely recognized area, Still are you looking for which are the best places to visit in Saputara for one day picnic. In this blog we will discuss about pbest places. Saputara is a little gem place and it is the haven of calmness and serenity. So it is great if you plan for an instant tour to Saputara and get along with your friends and family for a wonderful picnic experience. You can be at any one of the picnic spots and have a great time with at nature’s bounty.

15 List of best Places to Visit In Saputara For One or Two Day Picnic

1. Hathgarh Fort

Among the Saputara places to visit the mention of Hathgarh Fort is extremely important. The Fort is located on the border areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a nice picnic spot for your utmost entertainment and it lies five kilometers away from Saputara. The fort is a predominant site especially for those who love trekking. You can only reach the fort on foot and the climbing range is 3600 feet from the ground.

After the whole day activity you can have an enjoyable picnic at the place with all the requisites intact. You find the fort in the midst of Sahyadri range and even the Jamuna reservoir can be traced here which serves as the main water source. People come here to trek and have the preferred picnicking experience with the best of fun and delight. Standing at the place you are sue to have a view of the adjacent landscape, and you can watch things from above the fort from where you can have a distinct view of the Surangana village. 

2. Vansda National Park

It is the most fabulous National Park and a wonderful picnic spot for those traveling to Saputara. The park is supervised and maintained with the efforts of South Dangs Forest Division, and a Saputara touring is incomplete without a visit to the place. The whole area is of 23.99 sq km and because of the dominance of the tropical and the humid type of climate you find a perfect concoction of animal and plant species.


The deciduous forest here is quite dense and as part of the wildlife you can spot several animals at the place like hyenas, leopards, sambars, wild boars, antelopes band varied species of reptiles and beautiful hibernating birds. The forest holds a congregation of trees like dudhkod, bamboo, kalam, kakad, sisam and the rest. Apart from being a picnic spot the place is a great gift for the nature lovers. Adjacent to the park you have the earliest tribes settling at the place and the best time to visit here is between October to March when the climate is fine and soothing. 

3. Sunrise and Sunset Point

You have the best of Saputara places to visit and it would be a blunder to miss the Sunrise and the Sunset Point. The spot stands next to Malegaonand from here you can stand and cherish the positions of the sun day in and day out. People even know the place as Valley Point View and you can come here with all arrangements to have a fabulous picnicking.

It is time that you enjoy the lushness and the greenness of the place and the cool breeze here will help rejuvenate your mind and body at best. To add to the glamour from the specific Sunset Point you are sure to have the wonderful view of the Dang Forest and the yellow sun looks magnificent from the venue. You can come to the place for picnicking and gather snaps to cherish back home. You need to climb well to reach to the point and you should always carry water with you. 

4. Saputara Lake

You would feel great to talk about the Saputara Lake and it is great to be at the hill resort at the spot. The lake area is famous for boating facilities and you would love the set of recreational activities at the place. The lake area is dramatically serene and beautiful and you would love to walk about in the colorful gardens on either side of the lake.

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The tourists come here to enjoy the serenity and the peace of the location with the best of rational and natural requisites. This is one of the Saputara tourist places where you can spend the better time of the day with your friends and families. You can choose the area for morning walk and it is the ideal spot to breathe green and fresh. 

5. Gira Waterfalls

Once you enter the Dang Zone you will find people telling you to visit Gira Falls and on visiting the place you will know the reason why. It is one of the most amazing destinations to visit at t6he time of monsoons. This is when the beauty of the waterfall enhances and the water becomes voluminous with the constant rainfall.

At the time you can witness the real beauty of the place with the spouting scenery of the fall and the gushing sound of the water. Gather your friends to have the best time out at the place enjoying the aquatic freshness all along. To get to the spot you need to get down at the Wanarchod village and in time you must collect with the essentialities for that perfect picnicking experience. 

6. Saputara Tribal Museum

Among the Saputara tourist places you should take out time to have a visit to the Saputara Musem. People even call it the Saputara Tribal Museum. The portion was once upon a time inhabited by the tribal people living in the hilly regions of Saputara. The best of artifacts are preserved at the place and things exhibited here will give the tourists an idea regarding the local tribal culture of the place. Here you find the documents and the books reading which you can know in details regarding the specialty of tribal existence.

Going through the details will help you have an idea about the tribes like Kunbis, Bhils, the Warlis and the Gamits along with the special Dang tribe of Saputara. Here you can see the display of various utensils and objects utilized by the tribal faces.

You can also get an idea regarding the musical instruments used by the people at that time. Visiting the museum will help you have an idea about the ecology of the place in specific. The museum remains open from 10 am to 5:30 pm and there are more things you can witness at the place. 

7. Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

The total area of the sanctuary is more than 160.84 sq. km and the park has the undulating terrain with the rolling hills and the perfect plateau area. You would love the show and specialty of the Purna River and the intersection of the rivers and the rivulets look stunning from a distance. The park has derived its name from the water body and all things at the place are stunning and mesmerizing.

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You have to carefully choose the time to visit this place as there is moderate to heavy rainfall at the place. The forest has the best collection of the deciduous and tropical trees. You would love the scenic beauty of the lush green and the thick forest.

At the sanctuary you have more than seven hundred plant and green species and you find the main dominance of the grass and plants with the broad leaves and the high level density. The variety of trees at the place include khair, teak, dudhalo, sadad, bamboo, kalam, karaanj, haldu, chopadi, tanach, bondara and the rest. 

8. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple has its location on the Saputara Point Road and it is the most traditional temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed showing dedication and regards to the Nageshwar Mahadev Jyotirling temple in Dwarka. The archeologists and pious tourists come to the spot and it is considered to be one of the holiest places of Gujarat.

Nageshwar Mahadev temple

At the temple the presiding Lord Shiva has his blessings over the local population. The shrine of the God is placed at the underground chamber and on the day of Shivaratri the place is flooded with unbound tourists and devotees of the kind.  

9. Townview Point (Governor Hill )

While planning for Saputara Sightseeing it is great to arrange some time for a tour to the Townview Point. This can be an impressive Saputara Picnic Spot and it is a great place to visit your friends and loved ones. Once you stand at the point you get to see the amazing whole town view from a distance you find the town so small yet packed with overwhelming activities. The Townview is located on a table land and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions you can visit and enjoy at he same time. A good time to be at the place is during the monsoons and once you are here you can be a part of the entertaining horse and camel riding experience. 

10. Step Garden

You find the Step Garden on the Tableland Road of Saputara. It is one of the well-maintained gardens and it is the most peaceful place you can visit if you are in look for serene isolation. It is an incarnation of the terrace garden and it is uniquely constructed on the steps that go down the small hillock.

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Here you find a total of 20 to 25 steps with the astounding flowerbeds of the varieties like carnations, roses, marigold and the rest. You would love the assortment in floral color and shapes and this makes the gardens appear wonderful. The best place to visit the place is from March April and from July to August when the flowers are in full bloom. 

11. Echo Point

You are sure to enjoy the plethora of Saputara Sightseeing and Echo Point is the most favorable point where you can spend the better time of the day. Once you stand at the point you can hear the echo of your own voice and the sound is perfectly vibrated amongst the hill. It is one of the most popular tourist spots at Saputara and it has its location close to Matheran.

echo point

The place is accentuated by some impressive waterfalls and it is an extremely exciting destination where you would love picnicking with your friends and associates. The region is wild in nature and one can aptly make his way against the attractive backdrop. The Echo Point at Charlotte Lake is a favorable picnic destination and you can easily reach the place availing the local transportation. 

12. The Ropeway

The ropeway

You have the most impressive places to see in Saputara and The Openway is one of them. This is also called the Ropeway Saputara. The ropeway is more than thirty feet above the ground and using the means you can easily reach the Sunset Point. From the point you are sure to get the perfect city views. From the dot you can even enjoy the bird’s eye view and the panorama is absolutely stunning. From the point it will take just fifteen minutes to reach to the Governor’s Hill. The single cable care can hold not more than twelve people and this makes you travel with rest of the family members together. The ropeway stays open from 9 am to 5.30 pm and to enter the place you just need to pay an amount of INR 60.

13. Artist Village

It lies at a distance of one kilometer from the Saputara Bus Station. The Artist Village is the most fabulous picnic destination where you can buy and see the tribal artifacts of great looks and value. You find the Artist Village just on the other side of the Saputara Lake and it is popular with the name of Gandharvapur artist. It is the most amazing spot and you can regard the same as the traditional and the cultural hub where you can spend a day with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Artist village

As specified by the name Artist Village the place is famous for bamboo crafts, making of jewelries and potteries and people even come here to watch for the warli paintings. So the place is just ideal for the art connoisseurs and the travel freaks.  

14. Don Hill Station

The Don Hill Station at Saputara is one of the most famous tourist destinations. The spot looks great especially when it is raining. The flowers, the echo and the rain drops, all things are jut best when you are here in the nature’s lap. You can choose the destination for a carefree summer walk. You can even be here with your friends for that enjoyable picnicking experience.

You can collect all your picnic essentials and have a great time out there. When it is raining, the place seems to vibrate with the echo, the green hues and the lush flowers. From the point of the don Hill Station you can take a look at the night’s sky to see the shimmering stars and during the day time the crisscrossing of the Ambika river can make you fall in love with the tourist spot. 

15 . Lake Garden Saputara

You have countless places to see in Saputara and things are extraordinary at Lake Garden Saputara. It is wonderfully located on the bank of the Saputara Lake and it is one of the most wondrous picnic locations for the weekenders. During the evening hours lots of locals flock to the place for the best of entertaining reasons.

lake garden

The garden at the place is wonderfully decorated and you are sure to find the rare green species. The youngsters come here in groups and they make the most of the serenity of the landscape in offer. Boating is the primary attraction of the place and the garden remains open from 9 am to 8 pm for both the locals and the visitors. 

Saputaa is mainly famous for various reasons and it is especially the best spot for the tourists to explore and admire at the same time. The place is parched with the lush and heavy greenery and this manmade heaven on earth has plenty of parks, playgrounds and forest areas. It is the most popular hill station in Dang and it is the all-round destination mainly for the nature and the travel lovers in specific.

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