Kutch – The city of Rann Utsav


Kutch is Located in Gujarat state in Western India. This city’s  Cover an area is 45,674 km. This city is famous for “Rann of Kutch” , Rann Utsav is festival of Kutch and you can get more information contact on info@rannutsav.com Email.

History of kutch

Kutch was mentioned in Greek writings during Alexander, In the sixteenth century Kutch was divided and ruled by three different branches of Jadeja brothers When India was independence Kutch acceded unto the Dominion of India.It was Created a state in 1950.

Kutch was divided into Aani, Abdaso, Anjar, Banni, Bhuvad Chovisi, Garado, Kand, Kantho, Khadir, Modaso, Pranthal, Prawar, and Vagad.

In kutch, the famous language is Kutchi language and Sindhi. Kutch is producing the salt for India, This city is also famous for Textile Art.

How to reach Kutch

You can reach kutch by road and by train, you will enjoy by road because of the road is very premium and clean for driving. also, you can reach by train also, you will pick up train from Ahmedabad to kutch.

Places to visit in kutch

1.Rann of Kutch     

                                                                                                                                                                               Rann of Kutch has belonged to 30,000 square kilometers Between the Gulf of Kutch and mouth of the Indus river in southern Pakistan, In Indian Monsoon flat desert of salty clay’s, average 15 meters above sea level, Rann of Kutch is also famous for the kite festival.

When you enter Rann of Kutch its amazing for the night out, there are many facilities available like camp and staying facilities and you can also enjoy a campfire on the desert, its very amazing experience in your life, I must suggest you for that if you are visiting a Kutch then you must experience for campfire

Our current Prime Minister of India Shree Narendrabhai Modiji has visited kutch many times and Indian actor MR.  amitabh Bachchan is also visited kutch

2) Village shopping

In village shopping, you will shop different  kutch clothes and shoes or “Kutch Mojdi”, in Kutch village many more people are selling clothes and other items. in kutch clothes, In this Business, much more women and many villages are engaged and depending on this business.

3 ) Mandvi Beach

Mandvi beach is one of the beaches Gujarat who very beautiful and much cleaner. You will be enjoying with your family and friends and be enjoying a beautiful morning in this beach.

4) Dholavira

Dholavira is the nearest place from Kutch and this place is the archaeological place located in Kutch district. This place is very older and historical.

The run od kutch if you want to stay then in kutch very nice hotels exist and very well luxurious hotels.

Here is list of hotels in kutch

  1. Regenta Resort Bhuj
  2. HV Beach Hotel
  3. Hotel Sapphire
  4. Hotel Kalash Mandvi Kutch

The Kutch village culture is so nice and so cultured if you have visited in kutch villages then you will visit in this village and got a “Desi culture” and they serve you desi food and you will be enjoying this food.


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