Kite Festival 2019 – Gujarat – What you know before to Go

kite festival 2019

The kite festival is also known as Sankranti or Uttarayan. The Kite festival is uniquely Gujarati festival. On Hindu calendar, they say when kite festival is arriving then winter begins turning to summer. On this day all Gujarati people shot down their work and go to the rooftop for fly kites and compete with their neighbors and enjoying the festival.

On this day all types of kites are flying by kite flyers. The kites sellers are starting to sell kites when November start in Ahmedabad. And if you are in Ahmedabad and buy the best patang then you can go to old patang market at Old Ahmedabad market.

kite festival in Ahmedabad
kite festival in Ahmedabad

Since 1989, Ahmedabad city organized international kite festival for the celebration of uttrayan. and past some year many countries participated in this festival like Malaysia,  Indonesia, USA and Japanese shows their kites. but our famous kite flyer Rasulbhai Rahimbhai of Ahmedabad is the most attraction for different kites and big kites.

Internation participant of Kite festival

  • Malaysia brought wau-balang kites
  • Indonesia brought llayang-llayanghave
  • USA brought giant banner kites
  • Japan brought Rokkaku fighting kites
  • Italy brought Italian sculptural kites
  • Chinese brought Flying Dragon kites

Kite festival 2019 is starting form 6 Jan, 2019 – Sun, 13 Jan, 2019 at Sabarmati riverfront, Ahmedabad. And one most important point is entry is free for all visitors. Also, in gujarat city’s celebrate kite festival like Surat, Bhavnagar, kutch, saputara, Rajkot, amreli, Bhavnagar.

internation kite festival
internation kite festival

On this day every woman prepare food like Till ke ladoo, Undhyu, Chikki and Surati jamun in the kitchen and all these food are famous on uttrayan.

After 6 PM people fly tukkal and when all these tukkal is flying in the sky than its amazing view of the sky. definitely one time you can see this tukkal in the sky at the night time.

tukkal in Ahmedabad
tukkal in Ahmedabad

If you are not attending the kite festival then we will recommend once you attend this festival in January.

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