Holi – The Unmissable Indian Festival of Colors and Insane Experience!

Holi – The Unmissable Indian Festival of Colors and Insane Experience!

India is a fascinating land where people of different cultures harmoniously celebrate varied festivals with gusto. Every month of the calendar is enlivened by a number of beautiful carnivals which will leave with memories as vibrant as the festival themselves! The country of joy just needs a reason to erupt in joy and what other than Holi can be better for it, right?

An all-out paint war, Holi is by far the quirkiest and most awesome festivals, celebrated with a lot of fervor across the country. Bonfires are set and people of all generations play with water and powder colors in the streets making it a joyful event.

holi at India
holi at India

Holi is not only a driving force behind the colorful picture of India but also spreads the message of brotherhood and the triumph of good over evil. Experience the spirit of integrity, while the festival breaks through the barrier and is overflow with spirituality.

Few facts about the Holi festival


Held during March full moon day ofPhagun, it starts with HolikaDahan on the first day followed by fun and frolic of playing with colors and water.

  • Indians celebrate the triumph of good over evil, by setting bonfire or pyre one day prior to celebrate the cremation of the demonessHolika after whom Holi is named.
  • It also marks the onset of spring harvest with its promise of plenty.
  • It is also associated with love and connected to Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha.
The symbolic meaning of colors:
  • The color pigments people use to smear each other have symbolic meanings – Red for love, Green for harmony, Orange for positivity, Blue for joy and vitality. Good things only right!
mathura holi festival
mathura holi festival

Best Places in India for holi festival

Soaked in euphoria, gulaalkapani, & water balloons, the entire country gets livelier during Holi. The heartwarming celebrations in North India, Vrindavan& Mathura, Barsana, and Kumaon attracts people from all over the world to travel to India during this festival.

Even the culturally rich South, West, and East have their own unique ways of celebrating the festival by organizing different cultural programs and preparing a delicious variety of foods.The royal city Jaipur celebrates Holi with a unique Elephant Festival which adds a completely different zestto the festival.

Below are few places where people from all walks of life in different parts of the country celebrate Holi in their own way:

Barsana, Uttar Pradesh:

Indian men don’t always get to rule the roost! Holi gets more exciting for the women of Barsana as they get to beat the shit out of the men in what known as LathmarHoli.

Mathura, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh:

To be known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura, Vrindavan holds a renowned show a week before Holi. A true delight to visit this once-in-a-year celebration!

Jaipur, Rajasthan

True to its quintessence, Jaipur celebrates Holi as royally as its culture. Thanks to its Elephant festival, the place becomes more colorful than its people during Holi.

Imphal & Guwahati, North East:

Who says Holi is just for North Indians? Yes, people from North East too celebrate Holi with equal enthusiasm and fun.


Well, Holi in the land of entertainment and beautiful beaches Goa is all about colorful processions, traditional folk dances, modern floats, and delicious feasts.

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Festival for this holy city Anandpur Sahib is more than just splash of colors. Experience the Sikh way of celebrating Holi with a show of physical agility during different activities like martial arts, wrestling, turban tying, acrobatic military exercises, and mock sword fights etc.

jaipur holi
jaipur holi

Also, If you are in Udaipur at Holi festival then don’t miss the Holi festival in the city palace. Every Year Mewar Celebrating Holika Dahan.

Well, you just can’t avoid Holi when it’s on and you can’t avoid being showered, trust me! Indeed, Holi festival in India is an unmissable experience which makes it the best time to travel to the country and savor the taste of an Incredible India.

Then what are you waiting for come to India for Holi festival and enjoying the biggest color festival. So are you coming?

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