Ambaji – The Temple of Shakti Peetha

ambaji temple 51 shakti peeth

Today we are going to talk about India’s one of the finest(Gold plated) Temple of “lord Ambika” which is in the city Ambaji:. This temple is surrounded with amazing mountains of marbles and granites at the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

This temple is very well-known Shaktipeeth that every year it has more than core visitors. So you should know how much famous this shaktipeeth is. And along side this let me tell you that whole temple is made of amazing white marble with mesmorizing engravings to it. Let me share some sneak pik of it here.


Along with that they also have very big amount of donors that they even started plating entire temple with pure gold… yes you heard it right, now Amritsar in Punjab is not the only temple with pure gold on it.

ambaji templeOther than these, you can also enjoy amazing local food and don’t forget to have their phudina soda, they have amazing restaurants alongside Gujarati restaurants and north Indian.

So the temple is the biggest attraction for ambaji, but not only one attraction to ambaji. Here I am sharing the list of attraction Little city located in Banaskath, Gujarat has:

Climate Of Ambaji:

The Climate of ambaji is all type of whether, In summer ambaji is very hot between 30-40 C. And in a winter temperature ranges between 7 and 30 degrees.and the monsoon is very rainfull is about 15 to 20 inches per season.

Here is the main Attractions in Ambaji

Ambaji Mandir

This temple is having a ancient story that Lord Ambika’s heart was dropped here when lord shiva was taking her with him when she got burnt by her father King Daksh Prajapati. So this place has special in the heart of hindu pilgrims. Other than that by the time they have created a masterpiece like a temple to see the Indian art and culture.

ambaji temple 51 shakti peeth
ambaji temple 51 shakti peeth

So if you are in Gujarat and ever plan your trip around mount-Abu or Udaipur then I recommend you to give a visit to this temple. Because it will be on your way to Rajasthan border.

Gabbar hill:

Gabbar hill is just 3 KM away from the City Ambaji, and it’s the small temple located on the hill of gabbar, and it’s the actual place where the heart of the goddess Sati, and people are climbing this hill for giving their prayers to Goddess Sati. And there are two facilities available for climbing that hill: Steps and Rope-way.

gabbar hill
gabbar hill

Yes if you want some adventure there alongside your prayers you can climb that 450 steps and get a feeling of trekking otherwise you always can find an easy way there by Rope-way

Shri Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

If you are tired of doing parikrama or climbing to the Gabbar hills you can go 8 Kilometers from Ambaji to Koteshavar Mahadev A very old temple of Lord Shiva and always dedicated to their devotees, which is exactly on the bank of Sabarmati river. So you can chill out at the river and can get a refresh.

koteshwar temple ambaji
koteshwar temple ambaji

Other than that on the way to the koteshvar temple you can visit a local sculpture artist. They are just amazing artists and some of them are capable of making 8 to 10 foot big arts from the marble and granite stones.

Shree Chundadi Vara Mataji

other than this sculptures and temples there is also one saint you must pay your visit to is Prahlad jani known as “Shree Chundadi Vara Mataji”. He is having special ability to live without any kind of food since many years.

Even researchers have paid them a visit and try to know the reasons but nobody did found how he can be live without food and not getting a single natures call since very long time.

Shree Chundadi Vara Mataji
Shree Chundadi Vara Mataji

He lives very near to Gabbar hills in his Ashram and spent all his time praying and religious activities and he devoted himself fully to Goddess Sati. He is a kind of person you should miss the chance of meeting him, so visit his ashram next time you visit Ambaji.

51 Shakti peeth List :

You know what other than climbing Gabbar Hills, people also do Parikrama of entire hills for as a devotee to goddess Sati. And in that Prakrama is contains with all the miniature temples of all 51 shaktipeet temples which are located in different parts of the world.

51 shakti peeth
51 shakti peeth

Creating this 51 temples of shaktipeeth at one place is the thought of our honorable prime minister MR Narendra Modi. And it’s executed amazing, you can have a walk through the parikrama and you also can visit this all temples of shaktipeeth I am mentioning below:

Here is the list of 51 Shakti Peeth List

  1. Kirit Shakti Peeth
  2. Katyayani Shakti Peeth
  3. Karveer shakti Peeth, Maharashtra
  4. Shri Parvat Shakti Peeth
  5. Vishalakshi Shakti Peeth, Varanasi
  6. Godavari Coast Shakti Peeth
  7. Suchindram shakti Peeth
  8. Panchsagar Shakti Peeth
  9. Jwalamukhi Shakti Peeth, Himachal Pradesh
  10. Bhairavparvat Shakti Peeth
  11. Attahas Shakti Peeth
  12. Janasthan Shakti Peeth
  13. Kashmir Shakti Peeth or Amarnath Shakti Peeth
  14. Nandipur Shakti Peeth
  15. Shri Shail Shakti Peeth
  16. Nalhati Shakti Peeth
  17. Mithila Shakti Peeth
  18. Ratnavali Shakti Peeth
  19. Ambaji Shakti Peeth
  20. Jalandhar Shakti Peeth
  21. Ramgiri Shakti Peeth
  22. Vaidhnath Shakti Peeth
  23. Varkreshwar Shakti Peeth
  24. Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth
  25. Bahula Shakti Peeth
  26. Ujjaini Shakti Peeth
  27. Manivedika Shakti Peeth
  28. Prayag Shakti peeth
  29. Utakal Shakti Peeth
  30. Kanchi Shakti Peeth
  31. Kalmadhav Shakti Peeth
  32. Shondesh Shakti Peeth
  33. Kamakhya Shakti peeth
  34. Jayanti Shakti Peeth
  35. Magadh Shakti Peeth
  36. Trishota Shakti Peeth
  37. Tripura Sundari Shakti Peeth
  38. Vibhasha Shakti Peeth
  39. Kurukshetra Shakti Peeth
  40. Ughadha Shakti Peeth
  41. Virat Nagar Shakti Peeth
  42. Kalighat Shakti Peeth
  43. Manasa Shakti Peeth
  44. Lanka Shakti Peeth
  45. Gandaki Shakti Peeth
  46. Guhyeshwari Shakti Peeth
  47. Hinglaj Shakti Peeth
  48. Sugandha Shakti Peeth
  49. Kartoyatat Shakti Peeth
  50. Chatal Shakti Peeth
  51. Yashor Shakti Peeth

Best hotels in Ambaji

1)Hotel Krishna Palace

2)Hotel Roopalee palace

3) Hotel Rajmandir

4)Hotel Ashopalva

So here I shared you all the things and places I know about amabaji with you. And I hope you will like to have this information helpful to you and if you believe I am missing something on this post please share it on comment section I love it to add it here.


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